Teardrop Copper Turquoise Ring

This stunning bohemian Teardrop Copper Turquoise Ring is one of its kind, made from quality 925 sterling silver and a genuine Copper Turquoise gemstone. The beautiful Turquoise ring has been talentedly created by Kara at Shwickster in New York.  

Please note this unique piece may vary in colour due to the raw natural beauty this ring reflects.

Copper Turquoise: Turquoise is mixed into copper to create illuminous patterns throughout the texture of the stone. The wearer of this unique stone benefits from both the healing properties of copper and turquoise. The combined properties of this stone bring about enthusiasm, strength and healing from the intensity of the copper. A truly captivating stone. 

Please find you ring size below:

Measure the circumference and/diameter of your preferred ring finger to find your perfect size.

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Size Guide