Interview with Toni

Interview with Toni

November 10, 2015

Firstly, could you tell us a little bit about yourself in a nutshell? 
My name is Toni, I'm a fifteen year old recreational Australian surfer of the south coast. My entire life revolves around the sea, the freeness, he happiness it brings to me. I love to travel, I am currently living in the USA, I've been here only 4 months and I'm so I love.

Who's your idol?
My idol of all time, without a doubt is Gandhi, an idol of leadership and faith. He led India to independence and inspired movement for civil right and freedom across the word. 

What makes you happy?
Happiness is a must in life, but what on earth is happiness? Some people are happy when they have money, while others are happy when they've found true love, as for me, I find bliss reading on my back porch on a warm evening. Everyone In this world, with little or with a lot, has so, etching to be happy about.

Where's your favourite place to surf?
Surfing at Noosa, Noosa has some of the best surfing spots in Australia, it rivals any or more well known Gold Coast break points along the foreshore, the mornings are always greeted with long glassy conditions and that's why it will always be my to go surfing spot.

If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be? 
To travel anywhere in the world it would be India. India is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Goa is a favorite but the west coast has the best beaches in India, offering everything. India has a rich culture created over thousands of years. India is where you’ll find Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, amongst many other regional variations that are too many to list here. When you arrive in India, it’s easy to see how religion has shaped and influenced culture and everyday life, from architecture to diet.

What can't you live without? 
I could not live without being near the ocean, the ocean makes all my worries disappear and I get to be free in my old world. 

If you could change anything in the world what would it be? 
The ability to change the world for the better, I would make world peace, stopping all the wars and all the battles, I would end poverty, homelessness, I would help all of those third world countries who have less then the basic facilities, I would help people who had less then I did. 

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